Chiropractic has a preponderant role in treatment of the spine of infants, children and adolescents.

The skeletal system of babies and children must be healthy if we want their nervous system to remain healthy.

Growth period is determinant for the childs devemoppement, as much on the physiological level as on psychological.

The chiropractors responsability doesn't limit itself in correcting abnormalities: he has a responsability to play rôle in prévention.
It is much more easy to prevent dysfonctions than to correct them. 


During pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes, some obvious, some less visible, like the increase of elasticity within tendons and ligaments.

Knowing most drugs are contraindicated during the pregnancy, chiropractic care bring a natural solution to various health issues coming with this period. 


Beaucoup de sportifs de haut niveau et les équipes sportives professionnelles ont recours à la Chiropratique. Ces sportifs et leurs entraîneurs trouvent que la Chiropratique joue un rôle important sur 3 points essentiels pour chaque joueur : une performance articulaire et musculaire maximale, la prévention des blessures et les soins après les blessures. Or la chiropratique est non seulement bénéfique pour le sportif de haut niveau mais aussi pour le sportif amateur. En fait, les sportifs expliquent cet engouement pour la Chiropratique par le fait qu'ils ont observé:
Une performance accrue
Une meilleure endurance
Un gain de coordination et de précision
Une meilleure récupération
et un temps de récupération plus court après les blessures
Between 79 and 97% of all musicians suffer from pain
Playing for years in the same position causes imbalances in the body.
With time these will cause pain and some time stop people from doing what they love doing.

What are the benefits of chiropractic for musicians:

Get rid of pain naturally
Faster, more accurate and more precise movements
Better posture and body function which helps to have better health.


Whith ageing, bones get used, articulations losses elasticity, muscles melts. Those phenomenons added progessivly affects our mobility.
Yet we live older and older, therefor it becomes even more important to maintain a good health.
Loss of elasticity, articular degenerescence, ankylosis or fonctional disability, hunched bearing, cervical or lombar stiffness,
lumbago, sciatica, intercostal pain, cephalea, tendinitis, vertigo, etc.
Chiropractic can adress most affection of the spine and articulations, as well as the consequences of those affections.
Facing aging, chiropractic bring specific anwsers such as curative traitement and prevention.
Taking into consideration your health history, medical imagery and a complete evaluation of your locomotive aptitude, the chiroprator
developp a treatement plan adapted to your degre of osteoporosis or arthrosis, if necessary.
Chiropractic treatment focuse in restauring articular mobility and reducing pain, improving significantly your quality of life.