This discipline was created in 1895 in the United States of America by Daniel David Palmer. It became within a 100 years, the 2nd health profession in the USA.

    A chiropractor is concidered abroad as a spinal health care expert.

    More than 100000 practitionners worldwide. Official parteners of WOH (World Organisation of Health).

    Chiropractors formation is controlled by an international organism (CCEI), who accreditate formation within the world; 6 years are requiered with a diploma recognised in every contry with chiropractic regulation.

    Abondand and high quality research within it's area of expertise (scientific journals) the profession produce around 70% of scientific publications on spinal manipulations.

    Numerous studies reports have prouved the effectiness and cost-effectiveness realised trough chiropractic care and for it's integration within national health system, assurances and companies. (2)

    The Journal of American Medical Association now suggest chiropractic care as first approach for back pain.