Chiropractic, for seniors ?

Loss of elasticity, articular degenerescence, ankylosis or fonctional disability, hunched
bearing, cervical or lombar stiffness, lumbago, sciatica, intercostal pain, cephalea, tendinitis,
vertigo, etc.
Chiropractic can adress most affection of the spine and articulations, as well as the
consequences of those affections.

Facing aging, chiropractic bring specific anwsers such as curative traitement and prevention.
Taking into consideration your health history, medical imagery and a complete evaluation
of your locomotive aptitude, the chiroprator developp a treatement plan adapted to your
degre of osteoporosis or arthrosis, if necessary.
Chiropractic treatment focuse in restauring articular mobility and reducing pain,
improving significantly your quality of life.