Chiropractic for musicians?

Musicians often spend hours playing their instrument in the same position.
Some muscles then work more than others, creating imbalances.
Those imbalences within muscles, joints and ligaments
create an irritation of your nervous system that can result by pain.


What are the sources of imbalance in musicians ?


1. Repetitive mouvements, vibrations
2. Bad posture
3. Long repetitions without breaks needed for recovery 
4. Stress
5. Inadequate ergonomic environment
6. Commuting and travelling, sometimes with heavy material...

All those factors can reduce good foncitonning of the musician's body.
Pay close attention to your body to avoid disharmony.
Practice with an instument not tuned correctly? Never!
Live with an imbalanced body?

Chiropractic deliver efficent solutions for musculoskeletal imbalances and improves the musician's confort.