Relationship between your nervous system and your organs.

This discipline was created in 1895 in the United
States of America by Daniel David Palmer.
It became within a 100 years, the 2nd health
profession in the USA.

A chiropractor is concidered abroad as a spinal health
care expert. More than 100000 practitioners worldwide.
Official partners of WOH (World Organisation of Health).

Chiropractors formation is controlled by an international
organism (CCEI), who accreditate formation within the
world; 6 years are required to get a diploma recognized
in every country with chiropractic regulation.

The chiropractic profession produce around 70 % 
of scientific publications on spinal manipulations.
Numerous studies reports have proved the effectiveness and
cost-effectiveness realised trough chiropractic care and for it's
integration within national health system, assurances
and companies. (2)

The Journal of American Medical Association now suggest
chiropractic care as first approach for back pain.(3)

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